In human intercourse the tragedy begins, not when there is misunderstanding about words, but when silence is not understood. — Henry David Thoreau

About National Dialog

“About” pages are generally brief and to-the-point. Unfortunately, brevity was not be possible in this case.

To understand why this website exists, a sense of “history” is necessary. More precisely, one has to have lived as an American for decades to have gained the expectations and perspective of what it is to be an American. Only then can one appreciate the recent and profound changes in the spoken and unspoken social contracts between us citizens, and between us and our national government. I would like to explore this in the brief article that follows this.

But if you decide to read no further, I will say now that this web site is intended as resource for you when you speak with those who tell you that nothing unusual is happening in our country.

I understand how frustrating it can be to discuss some issues when the “clues” that prompted your concern are scattered or disorganized. I also understand how, in this confusion, questions can easily be dismissed through eloquent phrases, sophistry, intimidation and ridicule.

Essentially, this website is in support of your questions and in support of your right as an American citizen to ask those questions. It is a resource that is being compiled for you because you are busy with obligations to family and work, and have not had the time to gather these materials yourself.

The only differences between this site and others is that these documents can now be easily found in one place. Also, a special effort has been made to select for your consideration only materials that appear authoritative and possibly worthy of your time. Documents that are self-contradictory, inflammatory, “unique” or betray poor critical thinking skills are excluded. (Of course the selection is a best effort and a matter of opinion, but I hope that the standards I have set for myself are helpful to you.)

You may find some small comfort in seeing that you have not imagined our nation’s problems. You are not a fool or a “wingnut conspiracy theorist” but probably a person who has sensed some problems and has been afraid to discuss them for fear of being ridiculed. You are likely a conscientious and well-meaning American – “liberal” or “conservative” – who has honest questions and who is troubled when your observations or concerns are summarily dismissed.

Your contribution to our national dialog couldn’t have come at a better time.


What Are We Seeing?

As the old saying goes, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence“. I am not sure what this content is “evidence” for, but I believe that it is extraordinary. Whereas a single news item can be dismissed, repeated events can show patterns. And, patterns of unprecedented actions cannot easily be explained away as “routine”. Much of what we are seeing here is unprecedented. It certainly begs important questions and it makes official silence deafening.

Hopefully, the materials here will, in some way, encourage ordinary Americans such as yourself to return to their rightful role and raise the intellectual level of our national dialog.

Lastly, I would like to remind you that are still truly good people in government and in the private sector who have worked daily for decades to preserve the important American values that have kept our democracy in the hands of the ordinary American. We must find these people and support them – regardless of their party affiliation – and ignore the beguiling or self-interested political opportunists.

Nothing is new under the sun. Nothing. There are no new solutions to the ancient problems of human nature. So, instead of allowing ourselves to be swept away by the unprecedented and engineered, we must recall the fairer ways and methods that have worked in the past but have been inappropriately deprecated.

This site is my gift to you in appreciation of your concern for this great country. If it is within my ability, it will remain publicly accessible and periodically updated for you at no cost until at least 2023.

I hope it is helpful and is taken in the positive spirit in which it is intended. I hope that our nation is healed so that we can pass a healthy legacy my children and yours.

Thanks you and good luck to us.