A Failing Educational System

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Breaking It Down

In the U.S., there exist “alternative education programs”.  Ironically, these methods used to be standard in the U.S. and today are the only form of teaching used by some countries in the world.  What has happened?

The United States spends more money on education than many nations, yet it now ranks well below the world survey standards and has been falling. What could explain this dangerous failure of our young people?

Historically, the most successful inventors, scientists and scholars have been those people who have explored science, mathematics and the arts in ways that stimulate their curiosity and intellect.  Today we live in an era where children are educated in “factory farms”.

Devoid of an environment that nurtures intellect, the learning experience has devolved into a drudgery.  Teachers, compelled by political mandates, regulations and artificial criterion, are frustrated with not being able to help their students rise to higher levels of thinking.  They must instead teach to strict “guidelines” with time for little else.

Worst of all, there is no time for teaching student valuable critical thinking skills, healthy skepticism and the leveraging of their personal curiosity.  It is as if “higher thinking” now has less value than the ability to perform mechanically for a dictated role.  The creative art of teaching has been “dumbed down” to become an information delivery system that robs the profession of its high calling, creativity and the drive that has served the nation in the past.

The entertaining video below outlines the current state of the American educational system and provides important insights on how, as American citizens, we can effect proper changes that will benefit our young people.


What You Can Do

  • Question national policies that override local teaching guidelines
  • Question national policies that de-professionalize the teaching profession
  • Question national policies that undermine the teaching of critical thinking
  • Support teachers and school principals that encourage freer learning
  • Support teachers and school principals that teach critical thinking
  • Support education processes that recognize the human aspects to learning


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