Semper Fi, Always Faithful [film]

“The Marine Corp has refused to notify the people and I told them that if they didn’t want to live up to their motto, I would.”

– Marine Corps Master Sgt. Jerry Ensminger

Marines’ children were dying. They and their spouses got cancer. Nobody would tell them why.

Wider Film Projects presents the true story of official betrayal and how individual members of the U.S. Marine Corp have faithfully taken on the mission to search for the truth and rally assistance for their brothers and their families.

This powerful and compelling documentary steps through the puzzling manifestation of illnesses, the cover-up, the discovery of a secret cache of Marine Corp documents, the official lies and endless stonewalling.

Semper Fi, Always Faithful is a tribute to the true spirit of service and perseverance of our dedicated military men and women, even as they face their greatest challenge: the abuse and neglect of the organization they have loved, served and wish to restore.

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